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I just want to eat sugar seriously

I just want to eat sugar seriously

I just want to eat sugar seriously

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    I just want to eat sugar seriously
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    Temporary silence
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2023-03-01 02:21:42
Su Jing, who was brought to the supernatural world by a wave of light, just wants to live well, knock sugar to death, compensate for those regrets and solve the ultimate fear by the way, but after the war Su Jing looked numbly at the daily life of the retired three kings in the house. Liang Bing scolded Kaisha again. He Xi was making tea and glanced at Su Jing: "what's the matter?" "well, do you have to stay at my house?" hearing the speech, the three stopped at the same time: "we are guests." Su Jing has been sipping her lips for ten years. Are you still a guest No, you have to call to complain soon There are several more people in the room, the current Angel Wang Yan and her left and right wings, the devil queen rose, huh? When did Lena come? Has the cold task been completed? Burning heart, why did you bring another group Lena hooks her neck: Oh, why is our miracle light so tight? Isn't this your favorite candy Su Jing smiles bitterly. Today is different from the past: what kind of sugar is this? A proper Shura field. If you don't serve well, it's interstellar war why don't she move to Styx tomorrow and talk to Carl about the void? At least it's safer Carl: I refuse. Distance produces beauty. When you come, holy Caesar will come. Life will not be easy Su Jing: the exchange group is here: 485982341, welcome

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