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Youth of the Song Dynasty

Youth of the Song Dynasty

Youth of the Song Dynasty

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    Youth of the Song Dynasty
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    Write a little
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2022-07-10 08:20:22
Song Dynasty: a pair of heaven's favourites and close friends all their lives, chose different teams to enrich the country and strengthen the people, and embarked on the road of loving and killing each other< Br> ten years later, Shen Mai led the army of the song state to attack Qingtang City, and led the rest of Tubo to surrender together. The imperial court established the Longyou capital protectorate, and the former silk road was opened again< Br> the imperial court rewarded the Western army. Shen Mai, the former number one scholar on the golden list, won the title of "the first Confucian general in Longyou". However, when he achieved his goal, he felt that everything was so strange that friendship and love had left him< Br> recalling the past in disappointment, his ears heard master Dali singing the Vajra Sutra, and he remembered the reality and non reality. He suddenly felt as if someone was waiting for him somewhere, and everything was still there.

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