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Run the house with bare hands

Run the house with bare hands

Run the house with bare hands

Rating: 9 / 10 from 22765 ratings
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    Run the house with bare hands
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    Wenling people
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    Apple novel
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2022-12-07 10:23:03
The legend of Zhejiang merchants in Shanghai at the age of 15, he is young and free to make public. It is the treasure in the palm of parents, the flower and bone of teachers and the plastic material of the country. The 15-year-old white hand rushed the ducks to the shelves and became a home early since childhood, he suffered from the eyes and alienation of the whole village, and his relatives cut off contacts. But he is an optimist. He goes his own way and is not afraid of people's words. He has only a sick mother and four brothers and sisters in his heart he contracted rice fields and cultivated them carefully. He was smart and sold all kinds of tickets. Without firewood at home, he dared to cut down the trees near the field. Without money for the new year, he dared to sell the mud in the field Three Points depend on talent and seven points depend on hard work. If you love hard work, you will win. He ran palm products factory, biscuit factory and suitcase factory at home, and finally accumulated the first pot of gold in 1984, he broke into Shanghai alone and entered the Shanghai construction industry. In only three or four years, he defeated many rivals and became the leader of private enterprises in Shanghai construction industry he is cheerful, tenacious, open-minded but full of ghost ideas. He is cunning, stingy and cruel. He has a delicate mind and a clear mind in the 1990s, white hands are ready to explore the computer and Internet industries with an advanced vision

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