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I can understand the truth

I can understand the truth

I can understand the truth

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    I can understand the truth
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    The wind blows the five flower horse
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    Yipin Books
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2022-12-08 13:36:32
In the seventh year of Shangwu, Xiao Lin went to Huaiyuan city to wait for the opportunity and was attacked by demons... he woke up in a daze and had more memories and sounds in his head... demons are not terrible. Everyone wants to fight. Kill them and get magic pills. After absorption, he can obtain special abilities What's terrible is that when you are in danger, you will protect the master's real body "little fish girl, that devil has nothing to do with me! Do you... Believe it?" "I... Believe it..." [heroes save the United States a hundred times, understand the true meaning of chivalry, and obtain the true body of chivalry] "can you quit?" Xiao Lin was suddenly unhappy. He took pains and effort, so he couldn't reward an immortal wife the devil's real body is annoying enough. Doesn't this chivalrous real body want to draw a knife when encountering injustice... "young man, give me ten liang of gold, and I'll tell you that there is a great opportunity to change your life under the big willow ten miles east of the city!" "you don't get it? Go away!" ten miles east of the city, the big willow is leaning aside, and a thin figure is pulling out backwards

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