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Cultivate Zhenguan

Cultivate Zhenguan

Cultivate Zhenguan

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    Cultivate Zhenguan
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    Listen to the rain at night
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2022-07-13 10:00:05
Li Shimin: "I want to build Luoyang palace!" Zhang xuansu: "sage! Ah Fangcheng, Qin people scattered; Zhang Hua, Chu people left; Qianyang finished his work and Sui people disintegrated. Please be careful!" Li Tai: "I want to build a Vientiane temple!" Fang Xuanling: "Your Highness, as long as the money is not allocated from the imperial court and people do not account for the burden of corvee, please feel free." Li Shimin: "..." Tai zhe Ji also, this is a Zhenguan story of extreme farming and extreme spending Tai zhe Ning ye, this is a story of eating and dying, wholeheartedly waiting for the elder brother's rebellion to be pacified, and then inheriting his family property the Thai is too much. This is a story of taking over the baton of Zhenguan and continuing the prosperity of the Tang Dynasty Mount Tai is the king of Thailand. This is a story about Mount Tai that wants to be closed to Zen.

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