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Lurking in the late Qing Dynasty

Lurking in the late Qing Dynasty

Lurking in the late Qing Dynasty

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    Lurking in the late Qing Dynasty
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    Good dream Liujun
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    Bestair novel
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2022-11-15 07:07:34
Although I don't want to, but an accident, I became Qianlong who just ascended the throne in that case, I will make a difference. I can't live up to the young man's spirit and youth history will be rewritten here. There will be no more than 200 years of national luck in Manchu and Qing Dynasties perhaps countless people will rebel, kill all the tartar prisoners of the Qing Dynasty and recover the Han family I choose another way to go the same way with you in the future, there will be more regions, fewer disputes, richer people and stronger army no system, no plug-ins, only a cavity of blood, full of pride the wind rises at the end of Qingping, and the killing is invisible although I am called Qianlong, I am not Hongli. I just borrowed the symbols of Qianlong My name is Huang Yue.

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