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The next anti thief in Daming Palace

The next anti thief in Daming Palace

The next anti thief in Daming Palace

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    The next anti thief in Daming Palace
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    Winter is not hot
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    Lava Novel
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2023-03-02 18:52:09
Based on the territory, geography, system and military position of the Tang Dynasty, it is a virtual historical overhead text of the dynasty, characters and plot if the plateau countries had the strongest military strength in the period of Tubo, and the grassland Dynasty was as fierce as the Mongolian cavalry, they also existed in the South and the north at the same time. What was the military pressure to fight with the Central Plains the Central Plains does not refer to you. It is not your turn to represent the Central Plains but you are at the forefront of resisting the plateau cattle and prairie wolves - the former Emperor was a thief and a thief, but this shrewdness was used to punish the officials the good thing is that the first emperor died six months ago. The bad thing is that your family was destroyed before he died you're the only one left. It's called "the only seedling of the Xiao family" it has been only half a year since the abolished prince, the son of the former Emperor, won the throne at present, it is the early year of Ningyuan, and the realm of vitality and the development of all things is in front of us the new emperor should have been cured by his father in those years. The emperor's mind, checks and balances and repression are powerful the new emperor is very familiar with your family, so... - your father's old subordinates were very powerful, but they didn't agree with you your father's old political enemies and all cattle think you inherited your father's power, so... - now, the former Emperor, the new emperor, the old enemies of the old subordinates, the two most powerful foreign aggressors in the South and the north, these top tough goods, are eager to kill you Xiao Shen, take the knife and go on your way.