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Star Lord on the other side

Star Lord on the other side

Star Lord on the other side

Rating: 9 / 10 from 9622 ratings
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    Star Lord on the other side
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    Bai Liangchen
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    Light Novel
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2023-01-19 05:29:14
There are gods, demons, immortals and evil spirits in the world. However, Lin Fan found that his cultivation talent was very common after passing through. What should I do What about plug-ins when he knows that the stars in the sea are lit, is there a bottleneck in his cultivation? Good solution What about people who are unhappy? Let him fall to shit... there are seventy-two Confucian academies in the world. The noble spirit can be rivers and mountains, the sun and stars, and can also suppress evil and differences with a word Taoism has endless avenues. Practitioners can break the sky and the sword can surpass Kyushu in the Buddhist kingdom, there are monks who walk in a bowl, have considerable palm prints, 84000 Dharma schools, and can form their own world in their palm Lin Fan's sword can open the gate of heaven, cut off rivers, move mountains, step on stars and range the moon, but........ ------ emperor Ji is not obvious, heaven's pride is in line, and demons are dancing in disorder. This world is also full of bright flowers, and there are various kinds of elves all over the world... Confucius said: the big day should be hidden, hidden in nothingness, and the long night should cover the sky, when the stars and moon soar in the sky!

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