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Wang Lin s boring life

Wang Lin s boring life

Wang Lin s boring life

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    Wang Lin s boring life
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    I'm so angry
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    Redhouse Novel
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2022-10-19 20:45:58
8000 years ago, a meteorite with strange luster came from the sky since that day, people have gradually found that some people in the crowd have acquired an ability called [odd quantity]. Those who have an odd amount are called : [powers] and it is not only humans who get an odd amount, but also other creatures on earth. Some pretentious people, called monsters and demons by later mythologists, form heaven forces to manage the powers. Until one day a monster that brought disaster to the world completely destroyed this strongest force. The monster disappeared a scuffle between powers broke out 7000 years ago, and the reason for the war has been unknown after the war of powers, the world entered an era of chaos that lasted 600 years two pygs were born at the same time a stick to retro. The other insists on modern science and technology. They are called myth school and new technology school respectively the powers of the myth school are closer to the flow of martial arts, immortality and magic, and the powers of the new technology school are closer to super powers. The essence of the two schools are both powers, and the abilities of powers vary from person to person. the heaven has also been rebuilt by the myth school Wang Lin lives in Xijing, a super city of new technology. At birth, an explosion caused by an odd quantity killed his parents and a group of innocent people. Because I was born at the peak of a power and had everything. For Wang Lin, there is nothing to pursue. Because he is too strong, he feels bored to see the enemy. No pursuit. I just want to graduate from college quietly.

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