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Xuanyuan Wenwu

Xuanyuan Wenwu

Xuanyuan Wenwu

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    Xuanyuan Wenwu
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    Horses don't know the way
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    Pc Books
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2023-04-22 11:23:02
Hundreds of millions of years ago, Nuwa created man and Pangu opened the sky. After endless years of reproduction, the Terran finally gained a foothold in this wilderness. In ancient times, demons ran rampant and slaughtered everywhere. The ancient human race could not bear it. Finally, two leaders of the emperor, the Yellow Emperor and the Yan Emperor, were born from hundreds of millions of tribes. The human emperor gathered the strengths of a hundred families and found a unique way to study a set of immortal cultivation methods of the human race. Therefore, he led the major tribes to jointly suppress the Jiuli family of Chiyou and annihilate the main force of Chiyou in the land of chasing deer. For the remaining sins of gods and demons, the emperor cast a magic weapon, the mountain and sea Sutra, and imprisoned them as for the book of mountains and seas, it is a magic weapon of the cave and contains a big world. The emperor will devote all his elite disciples to this big world to guard the descendants of gods and demons. At the same time, a single pass is left on the land of China to guard the boundary channel between China and Shanhaijing as everyone knows, five thousand years later, the ancient gods and Demons imprisoned in Shanhaijing are ready to move, collude with the Terran rebels, and intend to dominate the world. What's more, they want to break the boundary channel between the Chinese land and Shanhaijing, enslave the Terran and achieve the unfulfilled aspirations of their ancestors.

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