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The idea of goodness

The idea of goodness

The idea of goodness

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    The idea of goodness
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    In Qianqiu
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    Passion Novel
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2023-05-17 13:18:51
Spear and shield, how many absolutes are there in the world. It's hard to distinguish between good and evil in human nature. Lei Yu and her brother set foot on the road of truth cultivation together. Because... So... They set foot on different roads Lei Yu cultivates her way by doing good deeds and accumulating virtue. She is willing to do good deeds and achieve the road all her life. Brother, however, practices the merciless Dharma... Chapter 1: the guardian of the limitless tower is over ignorant Lei Yu is accompanied by Zhigui and embarks on the road of truth cultivation. The emergence of the immeasurable tower made the three people demons stop the war for thousands of years and let the younger generation participate in the immeasurable tower opportunity competition together Chapter 2: Immortal Taoist in Dushan is over Lei Yu came to Dushan under the guidance of the king of talisman. He found all kinds of shortcomings, knew the importance of knowledge, and met the enemy shudaolong, who was far stronger than himself. Relying on the super magic weapons such as yin-yang array, Lei Yu avoided the fatal attacks of shudaolong many times and defeated shudaolong with the help of yinggu, the future tutor Chapter 3: a hundred schools of thought contend, writing... history is the bone, supplemented by reality. Write morality and carry forward righteousness.

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