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Cold teeth

Cold teeth

Cold teeth

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    Cold teeth
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    Side door
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    Apple novel
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2023-01-27 06:16:50
Without ingesting the inhibitory hormone secreted by the queen ant, ordinary worker ants will eventually have the opportunity to become the queen ant. The same is true for people. Even the most ordinary and bottom people may break all kinds of shackles tightly tied to them at birth, break their cocoons and become butterflies, and finally become the people they once hated most. A sudden meteorite, an accident, and an insignificant event in the eyes of a big man finally made an ordinary child born in an ordinary family and a young man obsessed with games and online writing become a member of the dark race. He thought he could break away from the original bottom life, but he found that even if he became a dark species, he was still at the bottom, He was more oppressed than before. When he could not retreat and had nothing to lose, he finally loosened his cold teeth that had been clenched...