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Myth version of the Three Kingdoms

Myth version of the Three Kingdoms

Myth version of the Three Kingdoms

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    Myth version of the Three Kingdoms
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    Grave soil and barren grass
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    Light Novel
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2023-02-23 18:37:21
Chen Xi looked at the taxi soldier who threw out a huge stone of hundreds of kilograms and looked at the sky speechless. Was this really the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty it is unscientific for Lv Bu to chisel through 10000 troops alone Zhao Zilong is really possessed by the dragon soul. A sword breaks the mountain. Is this really human Dian Wei alone protected Cao Cao from the enemy camp and killed thousands of horses across the road. This is a great battle effectiveness is there something wrong with this? Chen Xishun touched a goose feather fan and waved it. The wind blew hard and sighed, "this is a myth. I'm not normal." PS: in fact, this is a serious farming article... QQ group: 95010223 (full) full order verification group: 949176942 soy sauce group: 397441818 (almost full) Group 2: 418928396 (almost full) group 3: 371034966 group 5: 9666635