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Yongye Chronicle: the night before

Yongye Chronicle: the night before

Yongye Chronicle: the night before

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    Yongye Chronicle: the night before
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    Dense floating life
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    Apple novel
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2022-10-31 02:11:47
After all the demons and gods were sealed and mankind defeated other races, peace seemed to really come however, the two demon gods who escaped from the fate of sleeping under Yan Bing have never given up releasing their masters for thousands of years to counter the Protoss and realize their ambition to rule the world over the past hundred years, paganism has grown in the human Empire, the imperial power has declined, the power of the Holy See has expanded, and the new aristocracy has gradually become a climate. Many forces contain each other. It seems that even the protoss in Tiancheng and the exiled orcs, elves and other races want to wait for the opportunity by 1621, the emperor was critically ill, and the imperial power was entrusted to the Regent and the crown prince. Fearing the power of the Holy See, the crown prince intends to promote many new nobles. However, it will inevitably conflict with the old nobles represented by the Regent to make matters worse, the seal of the far north is weakening day by day, and the demon God will wake up from the Millennium sleep. The dark forces are ready to move, and the Vatican in the imperial capital is not calm. It seems that the cult offering sacrifices to Lili Kesi is inextricably related to the evil god "daughter of the sea" in desala under the crisis, where will the future of Russell continent go?

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